Aerovehicles Inc

Sales and Administration

Palm Desert, California – US

Address: 319 San Remo Street

Contact: [email protected]

Our Team

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Director
Bob Fowler – [email protected] – 

Chief Operations Officer (COO) / Director
Jose Maria Vaca – [email protected] – 

Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) / Director
Franco A. Scillia Thost – [email protected] – 

Chief Legal Officer (CLO) / Director
Federico Wesselhoefft – [email protected] – 

VP Business Development – Sales & Marketing – Worldwide
Jim R. Thomson – [email protected] – 

Director Aircraft and Flight Crew Certification – USA / Board Advisor
Richard Jensen – [email protected] – 

General Manager AVI Airship
Julian Beville-Anderson – [email protected] – 

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