Berkut UAV

The Berkut UAV aircraft is the unmanned version (UAV) of the Berkut platform. The UAV version has been designed to fly ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) operations of low-medium altitude and long-endurance (MALE).

The aircraft can host a wide variety of remote sensing equipment in its central cargo bay and side pylons. Built using the same frame or main structure, with an open architecture flight management system (FMS), the solution minimizes construction costs maximizing operational flexibility.

Our Product

Berkut UAV


Open architecture
PropulsionLycoming IO-360
Wingspan8.7m – 11.8m (2 wings configurations available)
Empty Weight1210 lbs.
Max Speed230 knots
Range5000 miles (without aux tank) / 8000Km.
Cruise Speed180 knots / 334 Km/h
Takeoff run1000 feet
Loading bay86 β€œx 22” x 24 β€œand two pods ext. for sensors
Payload1200 + lb; (LiDAR / SAR / M-Spectral)
External Payload2 pilons + central line
Guide / Follow-uppre-programmed; Autonomous or direct control; IMU
Takeoff / LandingConventional tricycle gear


  • Class III UAV MALE
  • High endurance autonomy surveillance
  • Patrol and ID Interceptor 
  • ISR Aircraft
Berkut UAV - Class III
Berkut UAV Class III
Berkut UAV Class III with ARCS pod – Airborne Radiologic Collect System
Berkut UAV Class III

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