AV-10 Airship


The AV-10 airship is a versatile airship capable of first-class passenger flight to provide disaster relief. Its modular gondola design allows the AV-10 to be quickly configured for cargo operations, passenger flights, or both at the same time. The high-risk engineering and testing have been completed and this aircraft is ready to build.

A unique 10-ton payload capabilities airship with multiple cargo and passenger transport capabilities.

AV-10 Airship - Passenger Configuration
AV-10 Airship – Passenger Configuration
ConstructionNon-Rigid (Blimp)
Lifting GasHelium (98% Pure)
Envelope Volume40,500 mแถŸ
Overall Length107.5 m
Overall Height33.5 m
Overall Width26.54 m
Maximum All Up Weight21,500 kg
Maximum Altitude10,000 feet
Maximum Airspeed60 Knots @ 9,000ft MSL
Wind Limits25 Knots – constant
Maximum Climb Rate1500 ft/min
Maximum Descent Rate1500 ft/min
Range (approx.)1000 nm @ 40 Knots @ 9,000ft
1500 nm @ 30kn @ 5000 ft
Maximum Lightness1,500 kg – TBD


Airship AV-10

Passenger Transport

Cargo Operations

Cargo & Passenger Transport

Cargo Medical Aid Facility

Cargo Operations

AV-10 Airship - Full container crane operation

Full container crane operations

AV-10 Airship - single pallet crane operations

Single pallet crane operations

AV-10 Airship - ALS - Automatic Landing System

ALS – Automatic Landing System

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