About us

AeroVehicles Inc. (AVI) was formed in June 2002 as a California C-Corporation to develop, produce, market, and operate hybrid aircraft. As the company evolved subsidiaries were established to focus on specific systems and aircraft. These subsidiaries bring together the international aeronautical expertise to build innovative aircraft and provide “airborne solutions” for both private and public clients. New aircraft designs include long-endurance UAVs, aerostats, airships, and systems for cargo and ISR operations.

Aerovehicles Inc. (AVI)

The parent company of all associated Aerovehicles offices.

AVI Airship (AVI-A)

The foundation of Aerovehicles with personnel in five countries around the world AVI Airship is the only operational department working directly out of the corporate office.

Aerovehicles Argentina (AVI-AR)

Sucursal Extranjera opened in 2012, offering airborne mapping services, aircraft, and airship sales, and leasing operations within Argentina.

Aerovehicles Paraguay S.A. (AVI-PY)

Aerovehicles Paraguay S.A. was established in 2019 to provide airborne ISR services and production of the Berkut series of aircraft.

Aerovehicles Canada Inc. (AVI-CA)

Recently opened in 2021, AVI-CA designs and installs the surveillance and mapping systems for all AVI aircraft.

Currently, we are dedicated to the design and production of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, fixed-wing, and LTA (Lighter-Than-Air). We also implement state-of-the-art aeronautical ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems solutions in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies.


United States

Aerovehicles Inc

Sales and Administration – Palm Desert, California – US


Aerovehicles Paraguay S.A.

Manufacturing and Product Support – Villarica, Guairá – PY


Aerovehicles Argentina

Administration – Merlo, San Luis – AR

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