Aerovehicles Inc SA signs alliance (ISRA) with LSI & Innovage Inc. to provide LiDAR services

Aerovehicles Inc. S.A. (AVISA) Argentina, LiDAR International Services Inc. (LSI) Canada, and Innovage Microsystems Inc. (IMS) Canada have formed an alliance to collaborate, through a strategic alliance, for the purpose of providing aerial mapping, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) services. This alliance includes the manufacture of manned and unmanned ISR aircraft and remote sensing equipment for both commercial and civil requirements. Manufacturing facilities are currently located in Canada with operational offices in Argentina, Canada, Malaysia, and the United States.

Organization WISRA

The alliance partners each bring a unique set of skills, expertise, and technologies (sensing equipment and aircraft) to the collaboration. Collectively, the alliance has the capacity to design, build, supply, and operate aerial platforms to support ISR missions.

LiDAR Services International Inc. (LSI) is based in Calgary, Canada, has been in operation since 2002. LSI has successfully conducted more than 40,000 square kilometers of wide-area LiDAR surveys and more than 50,000 linear kilometers of utility corridors in 315 projects over the last 13 years. Its primary function is as an airborne LiDAR operations company, collecting and processing LiDAR and imagery for our clients, but it also designs and builds its own system hardware and software. International operations have always been a part of its business, primarily in Asia and the Americas. LSI has affiliate offices in Malaysia and Barbados, a subsidiary in the US, and a diversified subsidiary in Canada that focuses on portable and mobile gas leak inspection surveys. LSI will provide the LiDAR systems for ISRA’s aircraft.

Innovage Microsystems Inc. (IMS) is also Calgary-based. IMS has provided advanced electronic systems to the aviation industry for over 34 years. IMS’s capabilities range from concept development, prototyping, to full production development. The company focuses on product design, certification, and qualification testing, electronics and software integration, as well as certified actuation systems for military and commercial aircraft applications. Its motion control products include complete solutions for power conversion, controllers, servos, software, and cable harnesses. These products have been used for Super First Class, First Class, and Business Class seating, C-130 sensor deployment, Dash-8 sensor deployment, Optionally Piloted Aircraft flight controls, UAV flight controls. IMS and LSI are also collaborating on “see and avoid” sensor development. Further, the LSI‘s proprietary LiDAR systems are being analyzed for “situational awareness” use and potentially “collision avoidance” maneuvers. IMS is a Transport Canada Certified Aeronautical manufacturing facility. IMS brings two items to the alliance; the optionally piloted Berkut II aircraft and their motion control systems for all aircraft.

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